Thankfulness Challenge

If you are joining me in this challenge you can either post here or preferably join the group (just ask me how) on Facebook.

December 5, 2011
1) Coffee
2) That I have nearly gained all my physical strength back.
3) Moody Radio
4) JCPenny $10 dollar reward ($10 off $10 dollar purchase). SCORE!
5) Our new Christmas wreath with LED lights
6) Our Christmas tree is up and decorated
7) For our  (Robert & I) Advent devotions

December 6, 2011
8) Louie Armstrong's music
9) Closed Captions on Netflix
10) A husband who takes great care of me
11) Clean kitchen (mostly at least)
12) My little dog
13) That God is always in control even when it doesn't make sense
14) For the Living word of God