Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let's get this fundraiser started!

Our first fundraiser is Sugar Scrubs - $6.00

Sugar Scrubs help exfoliate the skin making it look healthy.

There are many options to choose from:

Base: White Sugar or a combination of Brown and White Sugar
Oil: Olive Oil (if you prefer a different oil please email me)
Pick your scent (up to two): Coconut, Black Raspberry, Lavender, Lemon, Mango, Melon, Orchid Blossom, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Sugar, Sandalwood, Sweet Magnolia, Tuberose, Vanilla.

You get 4 oz for a delightful spa like experience. These make wonderful Christmas gifts, Hanukkah gifts, birthday gifts (my birthday is Christmas day so don't forget December birthday's).

Our second fundraiser is some beautiful Personalized Picture Necklaces. My very creative & artsy sister-in-law Cindy has recently started making these awesome necklaces. I have one and have received several compliments on it (plus I get to wear a picture of my beloved husband).

Here are your choices:

Silver w/ 24” Ball chain $20.00
Square- Antique Silver
Circle- Shiny
Circle- Antique Silver/scalloped edge
Rectangle- Antique Silver/scalloped edge

Bronze w/ 24” Bronze Ball chain - $20.00
Circle- Antiques bronze/scalloped edge
Rectangle- Antique Bronze/scalloped edge
*Bronze finish looks best with Sephia photo

Any of the above can be made into a keychain - $12.00

Child's Mini Bottle cap necklace w/ initial - $6.00

Note: Photo’s should be emailed to either butterflydarbi@gmail or Photos should be of good quality.

Subjects in the photo should be fairly close together, otherwise once resized may be too small.

Pictures will not be photoshopped only resized to fit the charms.

Please specify choice of photo- Color, Black & White or Sephia

If you have any questions please let me know!



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our first appointment & a picture of Baby Mills

Yesterday we had our first appointment with the birthmother whom we will call "V". It was amazing, odd, but amazing nonetheless. The last ultrasound Robert & I were at was our own. We saw Eve but her heart had already stopped two days before the ultrasound.

This was a big deal. We were nervous (obviously) and both praying that the baby's heart would be beating. It sounded like static (says the women with hearing aids), but it was definitely there. It was incredible to hear and see the baby, our baby. It was odd in the fact that there were 6 of us in the room. V, Sue (our agent), Robert, myself, the technician, and the Dr. What was so precious is that V was watching our reactions to the ultrasound & to the heartbeat. She told us the other day that "Your baby loves pickles". V also loves the fact that we call the baby "peanut". It's also odd because this baby is not in my body, yet that doesn't matter. It used to, but not anymore. This child is no less my child then one I carry biologically. It's still a little weird to be showing people a picture of another woman's uterus.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself that "We should be careful... don't call it your baby until the paperwork is signed... emotionally protect yourself". Think about it from V's perspective. Would you want the adoptive family to be excited or hesitant, emotionally distant until you sign the paperwork (after the baby is born in June)? Would you want the adoptive parents to come to every appointment with that mentality? If I were the birthmother, I would seriously have second thoughts about the adoption.

Think about it from our perspective as well. We have had three miscarriages & a failed adoption. We are keenly aware of emotionally what is at stake here. There are two choices, either we trust the Lord or we don't. He has called us to pursue this match and we must trust Him regardless of the outcome. We have an incredible opportunity to show V and her family God's love and purpose of adoption. But how can we if we are hesitant to love V, her family, or this baby?

It was an incredible experience yesterday. Here is the picture of our little pickle liking peanut. The arrow in the picture is not in the actual uterus ;).

Side note: We will be taking orders for sugar scrubs starting next week in time for the holidays. We will also be announcing our surprise fundraising project (also in time for the holiday's) in a couple of days.

As always, we are so grateful for you all. Words do not express our deep gratitude towards you all.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Answering a couple of questions

Lately, we have been asked the same questions by multiple people. I think many people have the same questions so this post is to answer those questions.

1) Why do you need to fundraise more money?
The first adoption was a shorter placement, which meant less money. Because we are taking a longer placement the adoption is more expensive.

Right now we are working on some ideas for Christmas gifts. My favorite part of this project is experimenting with recipes for sugar scrub. Today's experiment was a lemon coconut scrub (which was surprisingly awesome).

We are also hoping to have another garage sale in January or February. We do still have t-shirts for sale. We are open to other fundraising ideas.

2) If this is a girl, are you going to "reuse" the name Talitha?
Yes, we are. The other little baby girl was not our daughter. She was not our Talitha. We have no doubt that someday God will bless us with our daughter.

3) What if this baby is a boy?
We would be thrilled to have a son.

4) Do you already have a boy name picked out? And what is it?
Yes. That has been a closely guarded secret for a while.

My question is now to you all. Which two seem to be the best ideas for Christmas gift fundraiser:
1) Various sugar scrubs
2) Christmas lanterns
3) Baked goods- Millennium Falcon shaped cookies amongst other more traditional cookies or delicious pumpkin bread
4) Custom made earrings or bookmarks

We'd like your input either here or on Facebook. Or if you have a different idea please feel free to share that as well.

As always, we thank you all for your love, your support, and your prayers. We are so very blessed with all of you.